AHS customer information - Wage negotiations FRA

This site shall inform our customers and partners about the current wage negotiations at our AHS station in Frankfurt.

Contact: Nadia Haijoubi - Director and Head of Marketing & Sales - | Phone +49 40 5075 3261

Verdi agrees on the remuneration tariff agreement

14.12.2017 - Frankfurt/Main

Yesterday, fourth round of wage negotiations for our Frankfurt branch took place. First of all we would like to emphasize that we are doing our utmost in order to keep impacts of these negotiations on operations as low as possible.

Yesterday, our offer let to a partial success, meaning that Verdi agreed on the remuneration tariff agreement. Having that in mind we do not expect any strike actions until negotiations will be proceeded on 17 January 2018. By issuing this offer, we went to the maximum that our station can afford, resulting in an expected increase in personnel costs of almost 20 percent.

We sincerely believe that open and transparent communication is at the basis of a successful und sustainable partnership. It is therefore, that we would like to inform you that these labour negotiations come at a certain cost. In January we will contact you again and provide you with contractual information in order to match handling prices with the wage increases.

Once again we would like to apologize for any inconveniences and promise to inform you as soon as we have new information on the matter.

Statement of the AHS Management

04.12.2017 - Hamburg

We sincerely would like to apologize for the irregularities and delays which occurred due to the warning strike by AHS Frankfurt on December, 2nd 2017 at Frankfurt airport and the resulting impacts on your operation.

At this stage of the ongoing labor negotiations we were very much surprised by this industrial actions and have absolutely no understanding for this kind of tactics.

The next round of negotiations will take place on December, 13th and we assume, without having certainty, that no further actions will take place until then.

We want to assure you that our full management attention is on preventing strikes from taking place and we are in the process of implementing counter measures, such as an intervention force with qualified staff from the AHS group, to minimize the effects of any further actions.

Once again we would like to apologize and we will keep you updated about any developments concerning the labor negotiations and further potential strike actions.

On this behalf we set up this page, which is exclusively accessable for our customers and partners.

Unannounced warning strike at Frankfurt airport

02.12.2017 - Frankfurt/Main

Despite ongoing negotiations and without any prior announcement, the labour union Verdi has called for a warning strike early Saturday morning, which will last for several hours.

“In close cooperation with the worker’s union Verdi, we have jointly agreed on introducing a tariff based system at our Frankfurt station. This commitment already puts a high financial burden on our company. Nonetheless, during the latest negotiations talks, we have come forward with a proposal, which includes an almost 10 percent increase in wages within only two years. In these circumstances, we shall have no sympathy for any form of industrial action at the expense of the passengers in Frankfurt,” says an AHS spokesperson.

AHS is operating in a market that is characterized by low margins and high competitive pressure.

“The situation will not be solved by such actions at the expense of the passengers at Frankfurt airport, but by rational talks around the negotiation table. We have already shown our willingness to cooperate with social partners during the latest negotiation rounds. For the sake of the coming negotiation round, we therefore expect a more constructive behavior from Verdi,” says the spokesperson.

First round of wage negotiations took place

20.10.2017 - Frankfurt/Main / Hanover

On Tuesday 17 October and Thursday 19 October 2017, first round of wage negotiations for the employees of the AHS branches at the airports of Hannover and Frankfurt took place. 

Negotiations have been held in a constructive atmosphere. Part of the first round has been a discussion on corner stones for a collective wage agreement as well as a first draft of a remuneration table. 

Naturally, positions on some topics appear far appart at this early stage of negotiations. Nonetheless, we are quite confident that a common agreement can be reached. 

We will keep you updated about the upcoming negotiations and will inform you immediately in case operations should be affected due to industrial actions.