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What makes us the first choice of the most renowned airlines in the world?

Is it our individually tailored customer service packages? Is it our highly motivated and customer-oriented staff? Or is it our flexibility and speediness, which allows us to react immediately to our customers’ requests?

We are convinced that all of these assets combined create the full package, making us the best choice for airlines. We invite you to see for yourself.

Passenger Services

Whatever the reason for traveling, be it for personal or business reasons or with the whole family on vacation, as representatives of the airline on the ground, we are often the first contact passengers have with the airline.

During the luggage handover at the check-in counter as well as at the boarding gate, AHS staff provide passengers with curtious and effficent services to ensure a pleasant flying experience.

The passengers’ needs for the upcoming trip and their punctual departure are our primary focus.

Our Services:

  • Dedicated or Common Check-in
  • TSA approved Passenger Profiling    
  • TSA approved Document Check
  • Charges for Excess or Special Baggage
  • Sale of additional Services
  • Passenger Boarding at the departure gates
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Before an aircraft safely takes off from the runway, our specialists from AHS Operations have their handsfull.

Passengers, cargo, fuel, and other payloads must be weighed and loaded precisely in order to balance the aircraft and ensure the speed is correctly calculated for take off.

Our employees have to sign off on each AHS-handled flight with their name, thereby guaranteeing that nothing stands in the way of a safe landing at their destination.

Our Services:

  • Load Control / Weight & Balance
  • Allocation of Flight Documents
  • Ramp Supervision and Ramp Coordination
  • ULD Management
  • Walk Out / Push Back Assistance
  • Crew Transport and Assistance
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Lost & Found

Lost luggage is a nightmare for any passenger.

Should this situation occur, however, the friendly and specially-trained staff from AHS Lost & Found ensure that lost luggage is returned to its owner as soon as possible.

Our cooperation with various couriers and taxi companies as well as assistance from the global search network "Worldtracer" guarantee a speedy delivery.

Our Services:

  • Passenger Service at Baggage Claim
  • Worldwide Baggage Tracing
  • Rush Baggage Coordination
  • Baggage Delivery to Passengers
  • Arrival Service for Unaccompanied Minors
  • Special Handling in Case of Irregularities

If you have any questions about the current status of your suitcase or have received a message that your suitcase has arrived in Hamburg and is ready for pickup, you are welcome to pick it up in person at the Terminal Tango between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. the following day. 

If you have not received a message, please check Baggage tracing at Hamburg Airport whether your suitcase is ready for pickup.

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Tickets & Service

Missed flight? Business meeting spontaneously postponed? Or just wanderlust?

Whether traveling within Germany or internationally, our experts at the AHS ticket desk are always able to find a ticket at the best available rate. Providing expert advice as well as offering passengers individual attention are our staff’s main objectives.

By using airline reservation systems such as AMADEUS, the AHS ticket desk is able to book almost any flight.

Our Services:

  • Worldwide Ticket Sales
  • Sale of additional Services
  • Irregularity Handling
  • Rebookings, Cancellations and Name Changes
  • Excess Baggage Service
  • Deposit of Travel Documents
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